• What kinds of fillers are there in the down jacket?

    What kinds of fillers are there in the down clothes? The stuffing in Down garments is most common in goose down and duck’s down. The two colors can be divided into white velvet and ashen. The goose down is less expensive than the eiderdown, but the price is higher than the eiderdown, but in fact, the quality of the goose is less than that of the duck. So everyone needs to pay attention when choosing. Goose down: Duo big, small plume, good quality, elastic foot, warm and strong, duck down: velvet flower and feather stem are worse than goose down, but quality, elasticity and warmth retention are high; goose duck mixed cashmere: cashmere, poor elasticity, good warmth retention; flying silk: shredded by wool, poor elasticity and warmth, powder and quality It is easy to caking after washing. Then it is the velvet content of the down coat, which refers to the percentage of the stuffed plush and velvet in all the stuffed feather feathers. The minimum standard for the national down clothing is 50%. It is necessary to look at the product label when it is purchased, and it needs to be noted if it is below 50%.

    Why is the warm effect of the down jacket so good? This is because in the four natural thermal insulation materials of cotton, wool, silk and feather, the thermal performance of down is the best. And at present, there is not any warm material in the world that exceeds the warmth retention property of the feather. This is because the down is a star shaped structure, each of which can be seen under the magnifying mirror is a fish scale, a few tiny pores and a large amount of static air, which reduces the conductivity of the air. Because of the lowest conductivity of the air, forming a good warmth retention and feathers and full of feathers, with the velvet of 50% down test, its light fluffy equivalent to 2.5 times the cotton, 2.2 times the wool, so the feather is not only gentle and warm, but also a good feeling of skin touch.

    More than 90 White Velvet or more than 90% White Velvet is generally used in the upscale down jacket. The real over 90% down clothes are warm and fluffy, and the down clothes are light and comfortable. In general, down coats with down 90% down can be adapted to the environment of 20 degrees below zero and 30 degrees below zero in the north. If the down coat is touched with hand, if you can touch a lot of wool, it is absolutely not 90% feather. If the feather is taken with hand pressure and then the hand is open, the 90% feather down will soon be fluffy and back to the original state. If the feather is pressed and the down clothes are flat or flat, the down clothes you bought may not be reached. Down to 90%, the amount of filling is not enough, and the thermal insulation is also very low.

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