• The price of latest styles down jackets has gone up

    At the moment, Nanchang has a strong sense of autumn, and the down coats of the major brands are also on sale. Reporters visited several shopping malls in Nanchang, and the price of newly listed down garments increased again compared with last year.

    In a down market sales department on the five floor of a large shopping mall on stacked Hill Road, a new down jacket of a well-known mass brand has been fully sold. Sales staff said that the new down clothes just listed, the price is a little more expensive than last year, there are two main reasons, on the one hand, the cost of down the cost of the rise, on the other hand design more innovative. The reporter saw that the price of the down jacket was 600 yuan to 800 yuan, while the price of the medium and long down clothing was between 900 yuan and 1500 yuan.

    Nanchang citizens wish the lady to say that the high end of the down jacket of the brand is very expensive this year, and her down clothes in a large shopping mall in the 81st Avenue should be 6000 yuan.

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