• The collocation and maintenance of the woolen coat

    The coat is too long to wear, easy to produce elastic fatigue, the feel will become very hard, it will cause the hair coat deformation, it is difficult to restore the original shape, so the coat can not wear long time, occasionally let it rest, in this way to maintain its elasticity.

    Good quality coat is not suitable for cleaning, because the coat after cleaning will lose elasticity, and the texture will be much worse. So it is important to keep the coat clean and tidy. If you are not careful, you can gently wipe it with a wet towel and then dry it in the shade.

    The daily storage of woolen overcoats is also very particular and should not be cluttered. This will lead to deformation. The coat of woolen coat hangs and hangs with a hanger. Attention should be paid to protecting the clothing form, avoiding deformation and losing shape.

    Be careful when you wear woolen overcoats. Don’t let sharp objects hook you. When you collect, you should also pay attention to pest control. If a damaged coat is damaged, a small hole should be repaired in time to avoid further enlargement. The expanded damage will affect the grade of woolen cloth.

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