• It is best to choose a washing machine with the function of “down washing”

    At present, there has not been any washing machine explosion due to the down jacket. However, insiders say that this possibility is not ruled out.

    It is understood that the outer layer of down jacket usually has waterproof layer, and its air permeability is rather poor. When the down jacket is completely soaked, the down inside will gather together, resulting in a large gap. In the process of cleaning and high speed drying, the down clothes will produce air, and the waterproof layer is not conducive to the discharge of the gas. It will continue to push down the down clothes like a balloon. When the washing machine has limited space and the gas can not be released to a certain extent, it may cause an explosion. In addition, during the drying process, the down jacket and the inner wall of the washing machine may generate static electricity, and accumulate a lot of heat in a short time.

    People in the industry suggest that people should not use ordinary washing machines to clean down down clothes, even if there is no explosion, washing the down clothes with the washing machine can also make the down clothes deformed.

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