• How to clean and maintain all kinds of clothes in winter

    As the climate gets cold, all kinds of winter clothes, such as down garments, cashmere coats and so on, are coming on the market. Winter clothes are thick and warm, but cleaning and maintenance is not easy. Zhang Guiying, an old man in Xia Yuan District, Taiyuan, combined with his many years of experience, arranged some cleaning and maintenance methods for various kinds of clothes in winter.

    The cashmere coat is very popular because of its soft fabric and good warmth retention, but if the washing method is improper, it will make the cashmere coat lose its original appearance and comfort. Because cashmere fabrics are very easy to shrink, so the clothes with high cashmere content should be dry cleaned as far as possible. When cashmere coat is dry cleaned, it can only be dried at low temperature, so professional dry cleaners should be chosen. The low content of cashmere can be used in low temperature hand washing. The temperature of the water is kept at about 30 C. The cashmere clothing is soaked for about 10 minutes before cleaning, and then gently rubbed with hands, and then rinsed two times at low temperature, and the detergent should be selected as neutral cashmere detergent.

    When wearing cashmere clothes, be careful to keep it clean. When you return home on weekdays, you can gently tap to remove dust. The cashmere products should be stained with stains in time. After the season, the cashmere clothes should be stored before washing, ironing, and drying before storage. When stored, cashmere underwear can be folded, sealed in plastic bags and placed in the wardrobe, and cashmere coat should be covered with plastic bags to hang in the wardrobe. In addition, cashmere clothes should be kept away from light to prevent fading. Attention should be paid to ventilation and moisture and not to be exposed to sunlight. Mildew proof and moth proof tablets can be put in the wardrobe.

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