• How should the unworn clothes be collected?

    In 2013, Mr. Wang bought a light gray woolen coat because it was worn only once in the Spring Festival. When he was ready to wear it in the winter, he wanted to wear it in winter. When he was ready to wear it, he found a small oil stain on his chest. He sent it to the dry cleaning shop and cleaned it, but there were traces of washing out.

    Wang Baohong, President of the Shaanxi Association for the washing and dyeing industry, said that all clothes should be cleaned and dried before all clothes are collected, and the clothes that have stains need to be cleaned and cleaned in time, because if the oil is not thoroughly cleaned, it may have a chemical reaction with the fabric after a long storage and oil stains. Not only oil, but also pigmentation, which can not be removed in the next year, will affect the appearance of the clothes.

    For fur clothing which is more expensive and more delicate, it needs professional care, and consumers themselves may cause clothing damage. Wang Baohong explained that the fur type clothing not only to carry out before cleaning, but also need sterilization treatment, more need to maintain, if the cleaning of their own cleaning improper, can cause the skin hair brittle hair, if no bactericidal treatment, it may cause bacteria to breed. When collecting, leather is not suitable for finishing bags. It is recommended to use non-woven cloth cover to hang it in the ventilating place.

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