• Double – sided overcoat exclusively for you

    The love of double faced overcoats is no doubt that its overwhelming, stylish and temperamental tide is overwhelming. Feeling the coolness of autumn and winter, you can’t help wanting to have a double coat. Whether it is full of youthful casual jeans, or a very sexy mini skirt, as long as the match of a TELAST double coat, your appearance will take applause.

    Simple, generous, light and warm fashion sense has long been the trend of the public. It is also one of the standards of all women’s clothing for autumn and winter. Compared to the heavy cotton clothes and down clothes, the double – sided overcoat on the market, is undoubtedly a precise grasp of the people in the cool autumn and winter environment, the two quarter of autumn and winter clothing demand.

    TELAST clothing, is a focus on double coat for more than 20 years of brand clothing, more than 20 years, in addition to a number of loyal guests outdoors, in the coat industry also has a certain position. “Do not forget the beginning of the heart, square must always”, TELAST double coat carefully selected each piece of cloth, pay attention to each cutting, every garment to the intention to perfect, pieces of goods. It pays attention to the comfort of the TELAST double sided overcoat, through meticulous design and advanced manual sewing technology, to show the world a series of elegant fashion modern women’s clothing.

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