• Are the cotton jackets really down jackets?

    “The clothes are fairly fluffy and elastic, but after careful inspection, the labels found that the stuffing is 90% down cotton and 10% down. Is the feather cotton and down the feather one thing? ” Ms. Liu has some doubts. Later, she learned from a friend engaged in textile work that the down cotton is not a feather, but a kind of cotton fiber. “If the feather cotton is not down, the merchant will mislead the consumer.” Fortunately, online shopping can be returned for seven days without justification. Ms. Liu then applied for refund online.

    On the same day, the reporter searched the Internet and found that down cotton products were quite popular in winter this year. Many online shops were sold, prices were more expensive than ordinary cotton clothes, cheaper than down clothes, reporters found in an e-commerce platform, some “feather cotton” clothing marked “stuffing: 100% feather cotton” words. When a reporter asked some stores what the stuffing of customer service clothes was, he got the same answer: down cotton. But when asked what ingredients the down cotton is, customer service generally can not give an exact answer. And from the pictures provided by the seller, these feather cotton do not carefully distinguish, it is easy to confuse people with down.

    So what should consumers pay attention to when they buy down products? The reporter consulted the relevant personnel of Wenfeng District Consumer Association. The staff introduced that down cotton and down are different, down cotton is actually a chemical fiber, from the material, that is not pure cotton, not feather. “Many consumers easily confuse the concept of feather cotton and feather, therefore, consumers, whether to buy down clothes or down cotton clothes, can not only greedy for cheap, must see the product trademark, standard model, concrete filling, so as to avoid confusion. Besides, consumers should choose products with high prestige and well-known brands. “

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