• A beautiful and fashionable winter coat

    The large trumpet sleeves reveal a faint retro literary style, and the edges of the cuffs add a girl’s nifty feeling, and the beige clothes are not only very large, but also a small half – high collar that makes the neck more slender.

    Is a college wind slowly knitting sweater, simple pure color style, without any extra design, very comfortable a comfortable knit, and the clothes are also used very loose design, like the sister can start with ha!

    The design of the trumpet sleeve will make the whole dress have a kind of elegant sense of retro, black is a very thin one, and it will not lose its own personality at the same time, and the sense of temperament is straight up!

    It is a sweater with a relatively small family, because it is warm, so it looks very comfortable, and the delicate collar is also a kind of modified neck. The irregular processing of the edge of the garment will also appear to be full of personality.

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