• How much do you know about down jacket?

    How much do you know about down jacket? Mainly white goose down, gray goose down, white duck down and gray duck down. At present, the market is mainly white eiderdown and grey duck down, and the amount of cashmere is 90%.

    Down feather is mainly composed of Duff, velvet silk, feather silk, feather sheet and so on. Cashmere is a cashmere nucleus that radiates a lot of velvet and forms a flower like feather. The velvet is more velvety than the duck’s velvet. The good goose down is attached to each other and grabs a string of velvet, like a string of grapes, and a “grape cashmere”. Velvet silk refers to the single velvet silk falling off the roots of the velvet or feather. Feather silk is a single feather branch that falls off the surface of the feather and has no sense of velvet. The feather piece refers to the feather of goose and duck, which is of different sizes. The proportion of Duffy and velvet silk in feather is the nominal amount of cashmere. Feather silk, hairs and broken wool can not be counted in the amount of cashmere.

    There are a very small number of low quality down garments on the market. The trade names are also called down garments, but they indicate the amount of cashmere down, filling the mixture of feather and broken wool and posing as eiderdown. This kind of filling is easy to caking after washing and has poor thermal insulation.

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